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You should now that arranging mortgages is still possible for you even if you have had unfavourable credit problems recently! Don’t forget that a new start can be implemented after debt; just be well-informed and aware of your choices!

What are the benefits of obtaining a mortgage? Before all, think about the possibility of buying a house instead of renting one and paying those hefty monthly rents! You can find current mortgage rates by searching online. Always compare mortgage rates to find the best deal available.

Another benefit might be that there are various types of such loans so you can choose the very loan that perfectly suits your needs!

Banks and other institutions are becoming more and more involved in the mortgage market because of the efficient management, marketing, large branch systems, and advanced technology that they use, as well as by providing customers with more competitive loans from the financial point of view. There is a wide range of mortgage loan types for you to choose from. These vary from loans that have fixed rates for a set period, or loans that have a somehow fixed rate which can vary only beneath a certain predefined limit, to loans with a discount rate meaning that a special reduction - for instance, a 3% discount - is made for a period of time - for 1 to 5 years usually. But there are also special mortgage loans:
  • Bad Credit - for those who have poor credit history
  • Equity Release - for those who own a home and would like an extra income
  • Buy to Let - for clients who want a house for future renting purposes
  • First-time Buyer - for those who want to buy a house for the first time
  • Self-Employed - for those who are self-employed
  • Remortgages - for those who would like to save money or switch mortgage plans
There are many other types as well, you just need to contact our mortgage specialists and they will help you in deciding which to choose after you let them know about your specific circumstances and requests.

People arrange a mortgage loan usually for a long term, meaning that they are supposed to make repayments periodically for a predefined set of time. There are several arrangement possibilities that differ mainly in rates, so in the calculation and stability of the repayment amounts. Your interest in getting a mortgage is to become a house owner, while mortgage lenders will typically fund you in order to gain money from interest rates. This rate is closely connected with the riskiness of the person borrowing money, namely the probability that the borrowed loan will be repaid. Moreover, after obtaining such a loan, you must be attentive to meet the mortgage payments, otherwise the lender have all the rights to foreclose it. In case of a mortgage loan a property will act as collateral. You can protect your property from unforeseen hardship by purchasing mortgage payment protection insurance which will cover your monthly payments until you recover.

Did you know that more than 200 financial institutions offer mortgage loans to property buyers? The major creditors are banks, building companies, insurance companies, mortgage corporations, as well as the pension funds. So if you are thinking about taking out a mortgage, feel free to fill out our form in order to see which offer suits you the best.

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